Designed for health care organizations that own and operate multiple sites

The AAAHC Network Accreditation Program focuses on the ability and effectiveness of a corporate organization's system of centralized governance and administration to maintain its sites of care in an accreditable manner. Accreditation is granted to the corporate organization. Each individual site of care included in the network will receive a certificate identifying it as being operated by an accredited entity.

Who is eligible?

An organization qualifies for the Network Accreditation Program if it meets all of the following criteria. The organization:

  1. Is a formally organized and legally constituted entity that provides health care services through a network of a minimum of ten health care sites for contracted
    parties’ patient populations or the general public.1 Organizations in business to primarily provide surgical services are not eligible for network accreditation.
  2. Provides health care services under the direction of a doctor of medicine or osteopathy (MD/DO) or dentist (DDS or DMD).
  3. Is in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  4. Submits the completed, signed Application for Survey, all supporting documents, and the application fee in advance of the survey. In addition, submits evidence
    of diligent and recent self-assessment and current attestation documents for each site to be included in the accreditation.
  5. Pays the appropriate fees in accordance with AAAHC policies.
  6. Acts in good faith in providing complete and accurate information to AAAHC during the accreditation process and throughout the term of accreditation.

1The survey of a Network organization may include separate legal entities if the Network organization operates in states which limit the practice of medicine to medical professionals (commonly known as the Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine) and the network organization is able to demonstrate appropriate oversight and control of the separate legal entity(ies).

What is the process?

  1. Contact AAAHC regarding your interest in the Network Accreditation Program.*
  2. AAAHC and applicant network organization establish a formal agreement describing the accreditation process to be completed.
  3. The network organization submits evidence of accreditation preparation, including demonstration of compliance with the Standards through self-assessment and assessment of each site of care.
  4. The organization submits a Network Application for Survey and supporting documentation.
  5. AAAHC selects provider sites to survey.
  6. Corporate survey takes place.
  7. Site surveys take place.**
  8. Summation conference is held.
  9. Accreditation decision and Survey Reports are delivered.
  10. Intra-cycle activities are on-going throughout accreditation term.

*An Accreditation Specialist will be your dedicated contact during the accreditation   process and throughout the term of accreditation.

**Site surveys are focused on the ability of the network organization to operate and   maintain individual sites in an accreditable manner.

For more information, contact:

Tom Tassone, MSW

Director, Business Development

Office: 847.853.6067

Mobile: 847.274.9334


Network accreditation offers:

  • An exclusive focus on organizations that own, operate, and direct care for 10 or more health care sites
  • Flexibility to allow for changes in sites of care during a term of accreditation
  • Adaptability to fit the needs of various primary care settings
  • Medical Home recognition for eligible organizations
  • A peer-based review
  • A consultative and educational survey process
  • Direct support from an Accreditation Specialist

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